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Updated: September 1st, 2008

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Overcome Fears of
Public Speaking and
Social Anxiety

Would you like to get over your fear of public speaking or do you simply want to speak with more authenticity, power, confidence and control? Imagine how good it would feel to step in front of any sized audience and speak to them absolute ease? Self-confidence comes from being the best "you" possible. With support, guidance and practice, we will develop a voice and presence that is beautiful, unforgettable and irresistible. Call 512.554.8771 for more information.

Unforgettable Voice Presence

Although it may sound almost unbelievable, anyone can develop not only a beautiful speaking voice, but also an extremely confident persona. This can be done without drugs, therapy, or hypnosis. How? It can be done by questioning the limiting beliefs we have bought over the years, which generate the anxiety, fears and panic we experience when expressing ourselves to others. We then replace the expression anxiety generators with expression pleasure generating techniques. Also, by applying vocal techniques used by professional speakers to control the quality of their voices.

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What about the voice? What if your voice were a musical instrument? What if you could play it with consistent, beautiful results? What if you understood how it worked, and every time you spoke, you knew how to express the most beautiful part of a word or phrase with vowels and breath?

I'm telling you, by applying technical, mechanical vocal techniques such as getting off consonants and emphasizing vowels, or learning to play "the three voices" (sino, oro and laryngo resonating chambers), learning to dump tension on the exhale, speaking on the exhale, to stop holding your breath when you speak, to use your diaphragm, creating vocal relaxation and warmth by building rib cage compression as you run out of air, and many more tools that work consistently, regardless of experience. Guy Monroe will guide through the process with ease, at a pleasurable pace.

"I walked away with an ability to step out far beyond where I usually stopped in my own self expression. I have taken the lid off of what I want for myself and what I want to contribute to those in my life."
Stan Tyler - Champions Edge Professional Coaching Programs

What about behavior? How do we change that? Many therapists believe that huge personal change requires years of therapeutic support, others do not. I'm not knocking long-term therapies, I'm merely proposing that many alternative techniques have been developed over the years. Many methods have been developed which approach the problem from a completely different perspective, and have been proven to provide rapid, and long lasting personal change. What if we can eliminate the beliefs that cause our behavioral and emotional patterns? What if events in and of themselves have no inherent meaning? What if all meaning is in our minds? What if all beliefs are merely the meanings we assign to what we observe?

Guy Monroe can be reached at 512.554.8771 to discuss your personal needs.
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